Test Result Interpretation

Depending on the number of points, your diagnostic quiz result most probably* corresponds to the following grammar** level (which does NOT equal your overall level, which includes vocabulary, pronunciation and a few other components) 

0.0-0.9 starter or beginner/IELTS 0.0-1.5 

1.0-1.9 elementary/IELTS 1.5-2.5 

2.0-2.9 pre-intermediate/IELTS 2.5-4.0 

3.0-3.9 intermediate/IELTS 3.0-4.5 

4.0-4.4 upper-intermediate/IELTS 4.5-5.5 

4.5-4.6 pre-advanced FCE (pass)/IELTS 5.0-6.5 

4.7-4.8 advanced FCE/CAE(pass)/IELTS 5.5-7.5 

4.9-5.0 post-advanced FCE/CAE/IELTS 7.5+ * 

*provided you do not cheat 

** your knowledge of grammar may be the same as, better or worse than your speaking, listening, writing or reading skills. Your overall level of proficiency in English can only be determined once you have assessed your range of vocabulary, which is impossible by doing grammar tests only. The most reliable but unfortunately not the cheapest way of getting to know your real level is to sit an international examination such as #FCE, #CAE, #CPE, #TOEFL or #IELTS. 

To ascertain your OVERALL level of English for IELTS 7777 or 8888 purposes, apply for a free of charge placement interview